secured homeProtecting your home has never been so easy. With high-definition cameras, keypad door locks, and automated lighting all controlled from your smart phone—you can customize your home security solutions to offer the highest level of surveillance. Whether you’re at work, gone for the weekend, or on an extended vacation, you can view live footage from your cameras and program lights all over the house to turn off and on at random times to resemble a family at home.

Custom door locks allow you to assign an entry code to every family member and receive text notifications when that code is entered. Hosting company or expecting a maintenance technician? Assign temporary codes for those who should only be entering your home for a short period of time. Plus, for unexpected events, you can simply lock and unlock the door from your phone.

From cameras, locks, lights, climate control, garage doors, appliances, or any other programmed system in your home, you can manage it all from your phone or tablet and receive text alerts whenever something is amiss.